Over 800 Puerto Rico National Guard Troops Medically Cleared for 2024 Hurricane Season Thanks to State Guard Assistance

From January 25 to 28, 2024, the Puerto Rico State Guard (State Defense Force) played a crucial role in preparing for the upcoming hurricane season by conducting the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) for National Guard Soldiers & Airmen at Fort Allen in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. This event was a significant logistical undertaking, focusing on the medical readiness of over 800 soldiers and airmen. The State Guard’s involvement was pivotal in ensuring that these personnel were medically fit and ready to respond effectively to any emergencies during the hurricane season. Their efforts demonstrate the State Guard’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its medical preparedness & administrative procedures, directly benefiting the men and women of the Puerto Rico National Guard and State Guard.

One of the primary missions of the State Defense Forces, including the Puerto Rico State Guard, is to support, assist, and augment the National Guard. In events like the PHA 2024, their role as a force multiplier becomes evident. The State Defense Forces volunteer their time and skills, providing essential support that enhances the National Guard’s capabilities. Their involvement in such critical preparations underscores the collaborative spirit and dedication inherent in these forces. The State Guard’s contribution to the PHA 2024 not only facilitated the medical evaluation process but also reinforced their role as invaluable partners in ensuring mission success for the National Guard, especially in times of potential crisis like the hurricane season.

From January 25 to 28, 2024, the Puerto Rico National Guard, State Guard Command conducted its Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) 2024 at Fort Allen, Juana Diaz, P.R. with the purpose of preparing for the 2024 Hurricane season. Over 800 soldiers and airmen successfully completed their medical evaluation. The Puerto Rico National Guard, State Guard Command continues to innovate and improving its administrative procedures for the benefit of the men’s and women’s who make up the Puerto Rico National Guard, State Guard Command. We congratulate all the leaders who made this mission possible, especially CW2 Myrna Perez (JFHQ), WO1 Josephine Alvelo (JFHQ), and their team of enlisted personnel who participated over the past few days. To all of them, thank you for your support and commitment.


















Source: Puerto Rico State Guard

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