State Defense Force Political Campaign Post Launches Political Campaign to Save The State Defense Forces is proud to announce the launch of its new section, “Political Campaigning,” a dedicated initiative aimed at bolstering State Defense Forces (SDFs) across the United States. This program sets its sights on lobbying both the Federal and State Governments to not only expand existing SDFs but also to establish new ones in states where they are currently absent. The overarching goal is to enhance the operational capabilities of SDFs by facilitating access to federal equipment and funding, thereby increasing their impact on national defense. A key part of this initiative is to foster closer cooperation with The National Guard Bureau and the Department of Defense, ensuring SDFs can effectively participate in Joint Task Force missions. By reviving the historic partnership between SDFs and the U.S. Military—a relationship that proved invaluable during the World Wars—the program aims to underscore the vital role these forces perform in today’s defense strategy.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, our Political Lobbying program is launching a comprehensive campaign that targets key institutions such as the U.S. Congress, Department of Defense, National Guard Bureau, State Legislatures, and Military Departments. An immediate priority is to engage with the National Guard Bureau regarding the proposed uniform changes outlined in the revised directive CNGBI 5500.01, advocating for the preservation of traditional military attire for SDF members. This effort reflects our commitment to maintaining the dignity and identity of State Defense Forces. On a broader scale, our lobbying staff will work tirelessly at both the Federal and State levels, not only to secure legislative support for enhanced integration and funding of SDFs. This dual approach aims to prevent the formation of units like the Florida State Guard, which was created as a civilian entity, and to guarantee that all SDFs are governed by the same military laws and regulations as the National Guard, thereby solidifying their role within the national defense architecture.

BUT we need you to help keep The State Defense Forces alive. With the upcoming uniform changes and new revised directives these are very perilous times for The State Defense Forces. will be taking on that mission. If you are part of The State Defense Forces or care for their furture, please join our Patreon Program so we can fund our lobbying efforts. And if your a current Patreon, you can upgrade your membership here.

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