Showcasing Readiness: The Vital Role of Texas State Guard’s 2nd Brigade in Disaster Day Exercises

On March 1, 2024, the Texas State Guard’s (State Defense Force) 2nd Brigade showcased its vital role during the annual Disaster Day exercise, organized by the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. Held at the TEEX Disaster City site in College Station, Texas, this event simulated multiple disaster scenarios to provide a realistic mass casualty training environment. A total of 21 guardsmen from the 2nd Brigade participated, bringing expertise in medical response, ground search-and-rescue, and shelter operations. Contributions included medical personnel from the 1st Battalion, search and rescue team members from the 2nd Battalion, and support teams from the 3rd and 4th battalions, demonstrating a broad spectrum of disaster response capabilities. Brig. Gen. E.A. Buddy Grantham, commander of the 2nd Brigade, alongside leaders from supporting agencies such as TEEX, the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force, and other vital emergency response organizations, oversaw the exercise. This partnership facilitated a unique training opportunity for over 700 Texas A&M students, who led the interprofessional emergency response simulation, enhancing their readiness and collaborative skills for real-world emergencies.

The collaboration between the Texas State Guard and Texas A&M University for the Disaster Day exercise is an annual effort aimed at strengthening interagency operational cohesiveness. It serves as a critical platform for both organizations to refine their disaster response strategies and improve coordination. In addition to their involvement in Disaster Day, the Texas State Guard’s medical division is actively engaged in a variety of missions, including Operation Border Health Preparedness. This operation is another hallmark of their commitment to serving Texans, where an extensive network of healthcare professionals from within the State Guard, including doctors, nurses, and Emergency Medical Technicians, is mobilized annually. Their mission focuses on delivering crucial, cost-free medical services to the state’s most vulnerable populations, further emphasizing the Texas State Guard’s readiness to assist in a myriad of emergency situations. Through such initiatives, the Texas State Guard remains “Ready for Anything!”, fulfilling its promise to protect and serve with distinction.

Source: Texas State Guard

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