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Ready for Anything: Connecticut Governor’s Guards Expand Mission Scope

The Connecticut Governor’s Guards have demonstrated their readiness to meet 21st-century challenges head-on through proactive collaboration and strategic planning. Recently, a confluence of Federal, State, and Municipal agencies convened to discuss response operations concerning potential catastrophes at the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. Led by Lt. Andrew Paolillo of the 2nd Co. Governor’s Foot Guard, alongside members of the Connecticut National Guard (CTNG) and the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS), this workshop at Camp Net in Niantic, CT delved into evacuation strategies and preparedness measures for the state’s only nuclear power facility. Lt. Paolillo’s reflections underscored the critical importance of such discussions in enhancing the Governor’s Guards’ capabilities to respond effectively to emergencies, ensuring the safety and security of Connecticut’s residents.

The Connecticut Governor’s Guards, comprising The First Company Foot Guard, Second Company Foot Guard, and Horse Guard Companies, have witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in recent years. From their traditional role in ceremonial duties such as inaugurations and parades, they have evolved into a force capable of assisting and augmenting the National Guard and Civil Authorities in various emergency scenarios. Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they played a pivotal role in setting up emergency mobile field hospitals across the state. This expansion and diversification of missions have been accompanied by a significant increase in their force size, nearly doubling in the past few years due to robust recruiting efforts and an active social media presence. The leadership of the Connecticut Governor’s Guards is commendable for their vision and dedication in developing and strengthening the state’s defense force, ensuring Connecticut’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Source: Connecticut Foot Guard

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