Earning Their Stripes: Class Alpha-24’s Transition from Recruits to Soldiers

In an impressive culmination of resilience, skill, and teamwork, the Georgia State Defense Force 4th Brigade recently celebrated the graduation of its latest class of soldiers, Alpha-24, from their Initial Entry Training (IET) or Basic Training. This significant milestone, achieved on Sunday, March 3rd, follows an intense four-week program designed to prepare recruits for the multifaceted challenges of military service.

A key highlight of the training was the final Field Training Exercise (FTX), a rigorous test that saw the recruits being abruptly awakened in the early hours over the weekend to commence this critical phase. The FTX is a cornerstone of the IET, pushing recruits to apply the comprehensive skills they have learned throughout the course in a realistic and challenging environment.

During the FTX, the soldiers of Class Alpha-24 executed a complex casualty extraction operation. This operation tested their ability to effectively perform a Search & Rescue perimeter search, discover a casualty, conduct a medical evaluation, and transport the casualty to a reception location for treatment. This exercise not only demonstrated their proficiency in critical military disciplines but also highlighted their capacity for quick thinking, teamwork, and dedication to saving lives under pressure.

The graduation ceremony was not only a celebration of the successful completion of basic training but also an opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional achievements of individual recruits. Private Second Class (PV2) Renee Patton was awarded the Academic Award for her outstanding scholastic performance throughout the training. Meanwhile, PV2 Matthew Pope was recognized with the Leadership Honor Grad Award, reflecting his exemplary leadership abilities and potential to inspire and guide his peers.

The achievements of Class Alpha-24 and the dedication of its individual members underscore the high standards and commitment to excellence of the Georgia State Defense Force 4th Brigade. These new soldiers are now better prepared to undertake their duties with the skills, knowledge, and confidence gained through their rigorous training.

A special note of appreciation was also extended to the Ashburn First United Methodist Church for hosting the graduation ceremony. Their support highlights the vital role of community partnerships in fostering a supportive environment for the military and its new members.

As Class Alpha-24 embarks on their journey as soldiers of the Georgia State Defense Force, they carry with them not just the rigorous training and skills honed during their IET, but also the pride and responsibility of serving their state and country. Congratulations to all the graduates and award winners, whose hard work and dedication have set a commendable standard for future recruits.

Recruits from class Alpha-24 were abruptly awakened extremely early over the weekend to begin their final FTX (field training exercise). The FTX is an event that challenges recruits to use multiple disciplines learned over the past four weeks of their IET (Basic training).
The Georgia State Defense Force is a military branch of the Georgia Department of Defense. We are Georgia’s State Guard.
Interested in joining us? Want to become a soldier? Give us a call: 330–933–7620.

Congrats to the newest Soldiers from class Alpha-24 who graduated on Sunday March 3rd form their IET (Basic training). The Academic Award went to PV2 Renee Patton and the Leadership Honor Grad Award was earned by PV2 Matthew Pope. Congrats to all graduates and award winners.
A special “thank you” to the Ashburn First United Methodist church for hosting us.
The Georgia State Defense Force is a military branch of the Georgia Department of Defense. We are Georgia’s State Guard.
Interested in joining us? Want to become a soldier? Give us a call: 330–933–7620.
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