Ohio Military Reserve’s Latest Graduates: New Soldiers and Certified Drone Pilots Ready for Duty

The Ohio Military Reserve has recently celebrated the graduation of a new class of soldiers from its Winter 2024 Initial Entry Training (IET) Class, marking a significant milestone in the careers of these future soldiers. This foundational training, also known as Basic Training, is crucial for equipping recruits with the essential military skills and knowledge necessary for their future roles. Mirroring the basic training regimen of the United States Military, the IET course ensures that participants are well-versed in Basic Soldiering Skills, from understanding the Chain of Command to engaging in rigorous Physical Training, and mastering the intricacies of Drill & Ceremony. The curriculum is designed to ensure that these new soldiers can integrate and operate seamlessly alongside their National Guard counterparts upon activation, maintaining the highest standards of military conduct and readiness. Congratulations are in order for the graduates and the dedicated OHSDFTA instructors who have laid the foundation for the future of the Ohio Military Reserve.

In addition to the new class of soldiers, the Ohio Military Reserve has also graduated a new class of drone pilots for their 7th Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), enhancing their operational capabilities, particularly in emergency response. The newly certified Remote Pilots, including 1LT Plaul, SSG Jones, SGT Styer, SGT Clark, and SGT Majewski (who renewed his certification), have successfully passed a METL flight test, a written exam, and earned the TRUST drone safety certificate from an accredited institution. This achievement ensures that 100% of the 7UAS Soldiers now hold pilot ratings, with annual re-qualification to maintain their expertise. The 7th UAS Detachment plays a crucial role in supporting the Emergency Operation Center during statewide emergencies, utilizing drones to conduct rapid reconnaissance in flood-affected areas, safely assess hazardous zones, and investigate damaged buildings without risking the safety of emergency personnel. This incorporation of drone technology significantly enhances the Ohio Military Reserve’s ability to respond effectively to emergencies, underscoring the increasing importance of unmanned aerial solutions in contemporary crisis management.

Here is to the Winter 2024 Initial Entry Training (IET) Class! Our future Soldiers successfully passed their first tests. Congratulations to the graduates and all the OHSDFTA instructors who are building the foundation of OHMR for years to come. This could be YOU, join OHMR inquire at www.ohiomilitaryreserve.com #OHMR #leadership #military #service

Congrats to new Remote Pilots 1LT Plaul, SSG Jones, SGT Styer, SGT Clark as well as SGT Majewski’s renewal! Remote Pilots must pass a METL flight test, a written exam and earn the TRUST drone safety certificate from an accredited institution. 100% of 7UAS Soldiers now hold pilot ratings. All ratings re-qualify annually.
Interested in joining the drone unit, please contact https://www.ohiomilitaryreserve.com/how-to-join/
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Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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