From Civilian to Soldier: Texas State Guard’s Latest Graduates Complete Basic Training

On May 5, 2024, at Camp Swift in Bastrop, Texas, the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force – TXSG) proudly graduated 61 soldiers from Initial Entry Training (IET), Class 2024-005. The training center at TXSG is dedicated to providing hands-on training scenarios that not only build practical skills but also foster confidence and leadership. These are essential qualities for serving the State of Texas effectively. The completion of this program marks a significant milestone for the new recruits, preparing them for the responsibilities and challenges they will face in their military careers.

Initial Entry Training equips recruits with the core fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for military service. This rigorous program is designed to mirror much of the U.S. Army’s Basic Training, offering a comprehensive introduction to military life. The curriculum is extensive, covering discipline and regulations, physical fitness, drill and ceremony, military customs and courtesies, and basic first aid. Recruits also receive instruction in the handling and use of military equipment, map reading, and land navigation. Emphasis is placed on understanding the chain of command, military law, and the armed forces’ core values, focusing on leadership, integrity, and teamwork. This training instills discipline, resilience, and essential skills, ensuring recruits are well-prepared to function effectively and thrive within a military environment. This foundational training is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful career in the Texas State Guard.

Here is the video from the graduation:

Source: Texas State Guard

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