Countdown to 250th Anniversary: Foot Guard Commemorates Revolutionary War Entry

This past weekend, the 2nd Company Governor’s Foot Guard marked a significant milestone, celebrating the 249th anniversary of its entry into the American Revolution. Known as “Powder House Day,” this historic event commemorates the day in 1775 when the then-commander of the company, Benedict Arnold, demanded the keys to the armory from the New Haven Selectman. This bold move was crucial in securing gunpowder and supplies for the company’s engagement in the battles of Lexington and Concord. The 2024 ceremonies took place on the New Haven Green under spectacular weather, allowing “The Colonial Reds,” the traditional red Colonial uniforms, to shine in tribute to the company’s origins.

As the 250th anniversary of the start of the American Revolution approaches next year, this milestone carries profound significance for all Americans. This upcoming anniversary serves as a powerful reminder of the nation’s enduring fight for independence and the foundational values of liberty and democracy. The 2nd Company Governor’s Foot Guard, with its deep historical roots and continued dedication, symbolizes the bravery and determination that have shaped the United States. This celebration not only honors the past but also reinforces the importance of remembering and preserving the legacy of those who fought for the country’s freedom.

It was a wonderful day on the New Haven Green this weekend for the 2nd Co. Governor’s Foot Guard to memorialize and celebrate the Company’s 249th Anniversary of its entry into the American Revolution. “Powder House Day” as it is affectionately referred to as, was the day in 1775 that The Commander of the Company then (Benedict Arnold) demanded the keys to the Armory from the New Haven Selectman in order to secure the gun powder and supplies to support the Company engaging in battle with the British Forces at Lexington & Concorde.
Powder House Day 2024 – Volume 1

Volume II of The 2024 Powder House Day ceremonies on The New Haven Green. The weather was spectacular that day and allowed for “The Colonial Reds” to really stand out. The traditional red Colonial uniform seen in some of the imagery pays homage to the Company’s attire from the days of its origins in 1775.

Here is a video of the ceremony from 2019:

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