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Texas State Guard Mobilized for Emergency Response Due To Disastrous Storms

In the wake of devastating storms that recently struck Texas, the Texas State Guard has been deployed to Kaufman County to aid in the recovery efforts. Activated on May 21st in Houston, a task force of approximately 150 members has traveled from various parts of the state, including El Paso, McAllen, Austin, and Houston. Many of the guardsmen have their local home bases in Greenville, California Crossing in Dallas, and Red Bird. The team will conduct thorough assessments of property damage using the ISAT application, which allows for the upload of photos and detailed descriptions of the storm’s impact. Staged initially in Denton, the task force will spend two days in Kaufman County to evaluate and document the extent of the destruction.

The Texas State Guard is frequently activated during natural disasters and other state emergencies. Their mission extends beyond storm response, as they also support ongoing operations such as Operation Lone Star. This initiative sees the Texas State Guard working alongside the Texas National Guard on the border, highlighting their versatility and commitment to safeguarding the state. With full-time active-duty soldiers, the Texas State Guard plays a critical role in both immediate disaster response and long-term state security measures, showcasing their adaptability and dedication to the well-being of Texas residents.

Texas State Guard Arrives In Kaufman County

KAUFMAN COUNTY – The Texas State Guard has arrived in Kaufman County to help assess damage in the aftermath of Tuesday’s storm.The group in Kaufman County was activated on May 21st in Houston, and approximately 150 people have traveled around the state as a strike force. Members of the group include Texans from as far west as El Paso and as far south as McAllen, a group from  Austin, and a group from Houston.

Most of this strike force’s local home bases are Greenville, California Crossing in  Dallas, and Red Bird.
During their stay in Kaufman County, the Texas State Guard will thoroughly assess property damage. They will utilize the ISAT application, which allows them to upload photos and provide detailed descriptions of the storm’s impact on the properties.

Staged in Denton, the group will be in Kaufman County for two days.

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