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Vermont State Guard Transitions to Modern Operational Camouflage Pattern Uniforms

The Vermont State Guard (VSG – State Defense Force) has officially transitioned from the vintage Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) to the modern Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniform, aligning with the current standard of the Vermont Army National Guard. This change marks the end of an era, as the BDUs have been in use since the 1980s. The new uniforms feature the colored Vermont State Guard patch on the left shoulder and the Vermont State Flag on the right shoulder, maintaining a strong visual connection to their past. However, there are notable differences: instead of the OCP-patterned nametapes used by the U.S. National Guard, the Vermont State Guard now wears black nametapes with gold lettering. This alteration, which diverges from the subdued nametapes of the old BDUs, is believed to be inspired by the recently updated National Guard Directive CNGBI 5500.01, which guides National Guard interaction with State Defense Forces (SDF).

The Vermont State Guard is among the majority of State Defense Forces now adopting the OCP uniform, a trend seen across the nation except for a few like the Tennessee State Guard and Virginia Defense Force, which still use older army uniforms. The move to OCP not only enhances uniformity but also symbolizes the Vermont State Guard’s commitment to modernization and alignment with national standards. Additionally, we’d like to acknowledge the Vermont State Guard having increased their social media presence, providing more updates and news about their missions and training. This active online engagement allows for greater visibility and communication with the public, underscoring the VSG’s dedication to growing and being a stronger State Defense Force.

Its an end of an era for us here at the Vermont State Guard. In a previous post, you may have noticed we are not wearing our BDUs. With a special thanks to the VT Army National Guard, we have officially changed uniforms. The VT State Guard is now wearing OCPs! This change was a much needed change. The VT State Guard falls within the VT National Guard chain of command and is considered a unit of the VT National Guard. We are honored to have this inner-operability with our brothers and sisters!

Source: Vermont State Guard

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