Vermont State Guard Assists in Memorial Day Ceremony

Yesterday we reported on The Vermont State Guard (State Defense Force) transitioning to the modern US Army National Guard uniform utilizing the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP). On this years Memorial Day troops from The Vermont State Guard assisted with the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Vermont Veterans Cemetery in Randolph, VT. This year marked a special occasion as it was one of the first events where they donned their new Army uniforms featuring the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP). The VSG played a crucial role in the ceremony, helping direct traffic, handing out event pamphlets, and leading the invocation. Their continued support and dedication to this annual tradition highlight their commitment to honoring Vermont’s veterans.

In recent months, the Vermont State Guard has taken on a more active role as a State Defense Force. Their Public Affairs Department has done an excellent job of keeping the public informed about their training exercises and missions, showcasing the growing capabilities and dedication. We also noticed upgrades to their website, so we commend the new leadership of The Vermont State Guard on this new path forward. The increased visibility and transparency have helped raise awareness of their important contributions to the community and state.

Source: Vermont State Guard

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