Georgia SDF News updates

A great deal of news to report of the George State Defense Force.  Lets start with their newsmagazines:


Georgia Military NEWSMAGAZINES:

  • Annual Report 2016 – Link

Economic Impact: “5.6 Million in state funds saved by State Defense Force utilization” – PG 8

Report from the Commanding General – PG 27

Defense Support of Civil Authorities – PG 30


  • Fall 2016 – Link

Hurricane Matthew: The Georgia Guard Response – PG 12


News of 2017:

  • Mobile Surge Hospital exercise during the Vigilant Guard 2017 – Link
  • ‘Ready to Serve’ Is No Joke – Link
  • Vigilant Guard 2017 – Link



  • News Item – Link
  • Video of AT 2016 – Link

News of 2016:

  • Pickens County Search and Rescue Mission – Link
  • GSDF Supports Hurricane Relief In Augusta – Link
  • GSDF Responds To Hurricane Matthew – Link
  • SDF Joins Multiagency Training Exercise – Link
  • “Real-World” Readiness: GSDF Soldiers Erect 50-Patient Mobile Field Hospital – Link
  • New Officer Graduate from OCS – Link
  • Water Survival Training – Link


1 comment for “Georgia SDF News updates

  1. Ron Ledford Ltc (Ret) GSDF
    June 13, 2017 at 3:19 am

    I retired from Georgia’s State Defense Force in 06. I am extremely proud of the unit force wide . The competency and professionalism shown by the troops as well as the dedication and consistent display of duty first and commitment to service make the GSDF the finest in the nation. Kudos to you all….The Force has indeed come a very long way .

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