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Starting today, you can become a Patreon supporter!


If your unfamiliar with Patreon, its a membership platform that allows people to support and even participate in their favorite website or podcasts, and thats exactly what were allowing you to do.


You’ll now be able to become an active supporter of by helping keep the website online and regularly updated.  This has become a problem in the past as we had only one news contributor and when a personal life event occured we had to take a hiatus when it came to news and feature content.  With your pledges we can ensure we have a paid staff to ensure regular news updates.


We are also re-launching ‘Hangout with a Expert’, but this time were providing our Patreon supporters with a unique opportunity to participate.  If your unfamiliar with this program, Hangout with a Expert is our monthly program where we interview experts that can range from Public Affairs Officers, National Guard and State Defense Force commanders, SGAUS officials, to politicians.


For $5 you can now watch and participate in the show LIVE!


And for the first time ever were now allowing Patreon supporters to submit their questions for these experts to answer.  So if you ever wondered “why do we wear Black covers instead of the camouflage ones?” Or “Are there any future missions in the pipeline that involve us augmenting the National Guard?” Now is your chance to ask.


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