2023 Legislation

  • House Bill 1285
    • Summary: Revises provisions relating to FSG creation & authorization; provides number of volunteer personnel; establishes Division of State Guard within DMA; provides head of division is director appointed by Governor; removes provisions establishing authority of department & Adjutant General with respect to FSG; provides additional duties of division & director; revises qualifications for FSG applicants; requires specialized unit within FSG; revises criteria for FSG activation; repeals provisions relating to Florida State Defense Force.
    • Status: Enrolled on May 5 2023 – 75% progression
    • Action: 2023-05-22 – Signed by Officers and presented to Governor

Full Legislation:


2022 Legislation

  • House Bill 5003
    • Summary: Implementing the 2022-2023 General Appropriations Act, includes creation of Florida State Guard
    • Status: 2022-03-14 – Passed

Summary of Bill. The legislation text is very similar to the text of other States’ State Defense Forces laws. The Governor is the Commander in Chief of the Florida State Guard, and The Adjutant General (TAG – Senior National Guard General in charge of Florida Military Forces) is responsible for training standards, as well as issuing missions to the Florida State Guard. The Florida National Guard will setup training programs for the State Guard and such programs must be equivalent to those of the Florida National Guard. The Adjutant General will also setup height, weight, and fitness standards that are equivalent to the Florida National Guard.

Other standards that will apply to the Florida State Guard:

  • Prior Service Servicemen and women can join the State Guard if they received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Military
  • Non-Prior Service recruits must undergo an Initial Entry Training (Basic Training)
  • Each applicant that applies to the Florida State Guard must undergo a Criminal Background check including being fingerprinted
    • Applicants with a felony conviction CANNOT be accepted into the State Guard
  • Protections that the National Guard receives in regards to Workers Compensation, Employment Protection, and Liability apply to the State Guard as well
  • Florida State Guard members may be compensated for State Active Duty service but will be considered Volunteers
  • Florida State Guard can be reimbursed for travel expenses during Active Duty missions and/or training.

Here is the text of the bill referring to the creation of the Florida State Guard (State Defense Force):

*Line 2171 is the last line pertaining to the Florida State Guard

Source: Legiscan