2023 Legislation Session

  • House Bill 2230
    • SDF Summary: Some modifications relating to SDF Pay
    • Legal Summary: Updating statutes related to the Kansas army and air national guard and providing for the appointment of a state judge advocate.
    • Status: Introduced on January 31 2023 – 25% progression
    • Action: 2023-02-22 – House Committee Report recommending bill be passed as amended by Committee on Veterans and Military

Sec. 3. K.S.A. 48-202 is hereby amended to read as follows: 48-202. All staff officers of the Kansas national guard, including officers of the pay, inspection, subsistence, and medical departments, hereafter appointed shall have had previous military experience, and shall hold their positions until they shall have reached the age of sixty-four 64 years of age, unless retired prior to that time by reason of resignation, disability, or for cause to be determined by a court-martial legally convened for that purpose; and. All vacancies among said such officers shall be filled by appointment from the officers of the militia of Kansas. Nothing in this section shall be construed or operate to limit the provisions of any federal law relative to the qualifications for appointment of officers or the filling of vacancies.

Sec. 4. K.S.A. 2022 Supp. 48-204 is hereby amended to read as follows: 48-204.


(a) The adjutant general shall:

2) He or she The adjutant general shall require to be kept a careful

memorandum of all public property on hand in the state arsenal and in the possession of the several organizations of the Kansas army and air national guard, or Kansas state guard and will guard said such property against injury and loss to the extent of his or her the adjutant general’s ability;. The adjutant general shall require every accountable and responsible officer of the Kansas army and air national guard, or Kansas state guard to account for every deficiency in public property in such officer’s possession immediately after such deficiency is discovered.


Sec. 15. K.S.A. 48-516 is hereby amended to read as follows: 48-516.

Members of the Kansas state guard after July 1, 1943, who are actually present and participate in regular weekly drills provided for by law or regulations, for not less than one and one-half 11/2 hours, shall receive the following schedule of pay: For each of no more than five such weekly periods in any one month; private, sixty cents; private first class, seventy cents; corporal, eighty cents; sergeant, ninety-five cents; staff sergeant and first sergeant, one dollar; second lieutenant, one dollar and twenty-five cents; first lieutenant, one dollar and fifty cents; captain, two dollars and fifty cents. The rate of pay for a technician fifth grade will be the same as that of a corporal; the rate of pay for a technician fourth grade and a technician third grade will be the same as that of a sergeant appropriate compensation as established by policy, guidance or regulation.