2022 Legislation

  • Senate Bill 1251
    • Summary: Creating the Oklahoma State Guard and Militia Revitalization Act of 2022. Such military forces shall be designated as the “Oklahoma State Guard” and shall be composed of officers commissioned or assigned, and such able-bodied male citizens of the state as shall volunteer for service therein. They shall be additional to and distinct from the National Guard of the State of Oklahoma, as defined in Title 32 of the United States Code. They shall not be required to serve outside the boundaries of the State of Oklahoma this state.
      • Additional Information: Beginning December 1, 2022, the registrar of each county shall provide every registered voter with notice of the opportunity for service in and contact information for the county OSG unit, and thereafter, upon first-time voter registration.
    • Status: 2022-02-10 Senate Failed in Committee – Veterans and Military Affairs
    • Overall Status: Failed

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