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Our Political Lobbying program is dedicated to the advancement and integration of State Defense Forces as key partners within the United States Military. The primary focus is to facilitate their access to Federal equipment and funding, aiming to significantly enhance their operational capabilities and impact in various programs and missions. This effort is part of a broader strategy to bolster national defense by leveraging the strengths and unique capabilities of State Defense Forces. Our objective is to reestablish the close relationship that these forces once shared with the U.S. Military, particularly during the World Wars, recognizing their historical significance and potential contribution to contemporary defense needs.

In pursuit of these goals, we are initiating lobbying efforts targeting key institutions including the U.S. Congress, Department of Defense, National Guard Bureau, State Legislatures, and Military Departments. A critical initial step involves establishing a dialogue with the National Guard Bureau to express our opposition to proposed uniform changes coming to the revised directive CNGBI 5500.01. These changes suggest a complete overhaul of the State Defense Forces’ attire, transitioning from the current Army uniform to a distinct design featuring a red baseball cap, red nametapes, and red rank insignia. Further, there’s a proposal for a new civilian-style uniform comprising a red polo and tan khaki pants. Our stance is to advocate for the preservation of traditional military attire, maintaining the dignity and identity of the State Defense Forces while acknowledging their evolving role within the national defense structure.

Our lobbying staff will be campaigning both on The Federal and State Level. On The Federal level they will be interacting with The US Congress, Department of Defense, and National Guard Bureau to better facilitate the inclusion of State Defense Forces in Joint Task Force missions with The US Military. They will also advocate for legislation that allows State Defense Forces access Federal equipment and potentially secure Federal funding for various programs and missions.

Within the State level they will reach out to State legislators & Adjutant Generals to better advocate for more funding for active State Defense Forces. For States that do not retain a State Defense Force, they will develop relations with legislators within that state to campaign for the development of a State Defense Force. And during the process of their formation they will ensure such State Defense Forces are designated military forces, subject to the same military laws & regulations as The National Guard, so outcomes like The Florida State Guard which was created but as a civilian force never occur again.
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UPDATED 4/9/24


  • 2 Current Lobbyists, Anonymous

Former Missions

  • Our Lobbyist register as a lobbyist, IGR Officer
  •  Reach out To The National Guard Bureau to inquire on Directive CNGBI 5500.01 – In Progress
    • Email communication ongoing – DONE
    • Phone call with National Guard Bureau (Updated 2/28/24) – DONE
  • Investigate hiring a professional Lobbying organization located in Washington D.C. to assist in our lobbying program – Still In Consideration
  • Was informed that revisions to CNGBI 5500.01 has been fully completed, awaiting final signature from Chief of National Guard Bureau. (Updated 2/29/24) – DONE
  • Utilizing contacts who are familiar to reach out to General Daniel R. Hokanson, USA, to delay publication (Updated 2/29/24)
    • Denied by SGAUS Board Member
  • Added 2nd Lobbyist, former New York Guard NCO
  • 04/07/24 – Meeting with Lobbying Team regarding funding, hiring outside lobbying agency, next lobbying project and hiring of additional staff.
  • StateDefenseForce.com Political Campaign Division assigned new mission to lobby for Arizona House Concurrent Resolution 2059
    • Bill currently in House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee

Current Mission:

  • Working with Advisor to develop 2 forms of documentation
    • The first is a one pager that will provide key bullet points on the benefits of State Defense Forces. This document will be mailed to each and every State Legislator in multiple states as well as The Adjutant General of those States – DONE
    • The second document will be a booklet that will dive deeply into our recommendation on State Defense Force uniform policy, training, organizational structure, missions they can be trained on and perform, etc. This document will serve as our primary document when sitting down with legislators and Adjutant Generals. (IN PROCESS)
    • Lobbyists reaching out to House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee members to advocate for Arizona House Concurrent Resolution 2059
      • Each lobbyist has been assigned members to call & email with our One Page document
      • Estimated Completion: 04/26/24

If you wish to become a Lobbyist for StateDefenseForce,com, please email use – Here