State Defense Reactivated

Its Tuesday, November 3rd and is back online!

After almost 2 years of being offline we have reactivated the website and continue with our mission of providing the latest and greatest in State Defense Force news, as well as being a informational resource for State Defense Force information.

We intend to keep the site completely Free to view and interact with.


A few pieces of note:

  • Our original backup of the site did not restore properly so news items from 2011-2014 are not available.  Over the next few weeks we will be restoring this section.
  • Many websites and resources that we have linked to have gone offline, so in response to this we plan to save hard copies of news items, newsletters and articles on State Defense  This way when you click on a news item for May 2012 you don’t get ‘ The website no longer exists ‘.  We will have a copy on this website.
  • If you are wondering why we deactivated the website in 2014… we did so because our editor and financier had family and personal issues he had to attend to, but is now back to service the website on a weekly basis.
  • We are planning to expand  Were planning to attend SDF events in the future, so we can provide you with some great photos and videos of events you only read about.
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