Alaska SDF troops prepare for large scale exercise

Soldiers of the Alaska State Defense Force recently spent multiple drill weekends developing their disaster response skill set in preparation for a large state wide exercise called “ARCTIC FALCON 21”.


At the upcoming drill weekend in APRIL 2021, the ASDF will conduct a state wide exercise called “ARCTIC FALCON 21” (AF21) in order to be able to assist civil authorities to respond to a natural disaster. Main objectives for APRIL 2021 are to train our Force in establishing, operating and sustaining C4 ( Command, Control, Communications, Computers) in an austere environment. Leaders will have to focus on agile planning in a time-constrained environment, timely accurate battle rhythm, and MDMP (Military Decision Making Process). In a second phase of the exercise that will take place in AUGUST 2021, the ASDF will conduct domain awareness patrols, identify local critical infrastructure, and exercise unit training objectives

Source: Alaska State Defense Force

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