TX State Guard Commanding General retires after 33 yrs of Service

The Commanding Officer of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) is retiring this weekend after providing 33 years of service.

This weekend, the Texas State Guard will say farewell to our Commanding Officer. After more than 33 years of service in the Texas State Guard, Major General Robert Bodisch, Sr. will retire. During his tenure, Maj. Gen. Bodisch doubled the number of full-time staff supporting our guardsmen, restructured the State Guard to align geographically with the Department of Public Safety regions, established a rigorous Professional Military Education program, and increased the number of health, wellness, and resiliency programs available to the State Guard. Most significantly, since March of 2020, he has led the State Guard through their historic commitment to more than 66,000 service member days to the State of Texas. He has created a lasting impact on this organization and we wish the best for him and his family upon his retirement.







LIVE Stream of Ceremony

Source: Texas State Guard

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