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Washington State Guard Working to Create Stronger Relationship with Native American Tribes

The Washington State Guard has been working as a bridge between the Washington Military Department and the Native American Tribes throughout the State. They are working with each Tribe to learn how they respond to emergencies and how best to assist them during such events.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Bill Elliott, a member of the Washington State Guard, is an essential bridge between the Washington Military Department and tribes within the state.
“It’s more how we can fine-tune ourselves in order to sync up with what they have in place. As partners, it’s very important that the Washington Military Department has a way to communicate effectively with the sovereign nations, which are the tribes within the state,” said Elliott.
Liaison officers (LNO) have a critical role to act as a representative to better communicate with our neighbors in order to create a stronger relationship and to assist them, especially during times of emergency.
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Source: Washington National Guard

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