Puerto Rico State Guard Engineers Repair & Remodel San Juan Community Center

Engineers from the Puerto Rico State Guard (State Defense Force) spent their drill weekend remodeling and repairing the San Juan YMCA center. The remodel required the use of heavy equipment and machinery to ensure the land levels were compacted and level for the Childrens playground. The Engineers also planted natural grass throughout the area to beautify the environment for the community.

On top of their community based support missions the Engineers also help maintain and upgrade National Guard facilities.

From May 20-22, 2022, the 502 Engineering Battalion of Puerto Rico State Guard Command completed the third phase of a support mission that consisted of remodeling the facilities of the San Juan YMCA. Over 25 troops from the State Command supported this mission.
In the third and last phase, the hauling of fill material topsoil was completed to correct the levels in the playground area, the land was compacted with a roller compactor, thus allowing the leveling of the land. Finally, natural grass was planted throughout the remodeled area. We thank the soldiers of the 502 Engineering Company who supported this mission under the supervision of CPT(PR) Luis De Jesus, and 1SGT(PR) Luis Cuadrado. In phase I and II, the mission was supervised by MAJ(PR) Vicente Morales and 1SGT(PR) Cesar Crespo.
We thank the YMCA administration for their hospitality and allowing us to contribute to this community mission. (Photos by 2LT(PR) Magdiel Lugo, PRSG, STRATCOM)


Source: Puerto Rico State Guard

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