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Georgia State Defense Force Celebrates 37 Years of Continuous Service

The Georgia State Defense Force is celebrating 37 years of continuous service to the State of Georgia and the United States this week. The origins of the Defense Force can be traced back to units in the early 1700’s. Its official birthday begins in 1917 when the state of Georgia created the Georgia Home Guard who’s mission was to assume the Georgia National Guard mission as they were deployed to Europe during World War 1. They were deactivated and then reestablished during World War 2 as the Georgia State Defense Corps. Following the conclusion of World War 2 and with the National Guard returning from deployment overseas they were again deactivated. Then in 1985 the Georgia State Defense Force was reactivated. Since then they have served in a multitude in roles from Search & Rescue, Hurricane Disaster Response, and assisting the National Guard in many missions and training events.

Here is a message from the Commanding General of the Georgia State Defense Force, Brigadier General Mark D. Gelhard Sr.:

Source: Georgia State Defense Force

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