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New York Guard Recruits Train to STOP THE BLEED

The 2022 New York Guard (State Defense Force) Initial Entry Training class went through a multitude of training courses during their weeklong basic training. One of those sessions included a STOP THE BLEED course where the recruits learned how to quickly stop excessive blood loss by applying a tourniquet. This medical training can prove extremely crucial in emergency situations where the troops would need to assist medical personnel.

The Instructor CW2 Humza Bashir ensured to simulate a stressful environment to apply a chaotic situation to the training. This type of training is utilized in the military to get troops accustomed to emergency conditions and still be able to perform their duties without hesitation.

Members of the New York Guard, the state volunteer state defense force conducted STOP THE BLEED training during their week-long annual training at Camp Smith Training Site from August 15-20, 2022.
New York Guard Initial Entry Training (IET) were trained in the “Stop the Bleed” course taught by CW2 Humza Bashir, METL Officer, G7 NYG. The course is accredited through the American College of Surgeons and the Department of Homeland Security. Upon completion the service members received a certificate of completion whith credit noted in their personal files that they have successfully completed this Mission Essential Task Lists (METL)- Stop the Bleed. (Photos and Video Courtsey CW2 Humza Bashir- New York Guard)

Source: New York Guard

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