Ohio Luxembourg Award

Ohio Military Reserve Troops Complete Luxembourg Marche Internationale De Diekirch Competition

Soldiers from the Ohio Military Reserve (State Defense Force) recently competed in a Luxembourg Armed Forces Competition known as the Marche Internationale De Diekirch (MID). The competition involves an extensive foot march of approximately 12.4 miles. The competition was first held in 1968 and is designed to be a team building and morale development exercise. It was also created to commemorate the gratitude of the people of Luxembourg to the United States military who liberated the nation both in 1918 and 1944. The 15 Soldiers of the Ohio Military Reserve who complete the foot march have been awarded the Marche Internationale de Diekirch award.

The Ohio Military Reserve also recently competed in the Norwegian Ruck March. This competition featured a longer 18.6-mile Foot March with soldiers having to carry a 25-pound ruck pack.

Fifteen OHMR Soldiers participated in and completed the Marche Internationale De Diekirch (MID), which was administered by the Armed Forces of the Nation of Luxembourg, a NATO Ally and partner.
Their dedication to duty as demonstrated through their initiative to test and improve their physical fitness level through events like this is commendable. This foreign foot march marks the OHMR’s 2nd within a calendar year, following the Norwegian Foot March (Marsjmerket) in May where nine soldiers qualified.
The MID Completion Ribbon, is authorized for wear on Ohio Military Reserve Uniforms per OHMR & OHSDF regulations, and is addressed under the provisions of Section 7342, Title 5, U.S. Code and Chapter 9, U.S. Army R 600-8-22, paragraph 9-27, and Appendix E-1.

Source: Ohio Military ReserveUS Army

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