Texas State Guard Divers Train To Lift Heavy Materials From Sea Floor

The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) Maritime Regiment recently spent their November training drill developing their underwater heavy lift skills. The Maritime Regiment is an elite unit in The Texas State Guard that has a wide range of duties from waterborne Search & Rescue to underwater salvage and recovery. The unit has worked with The United States Coast Guard as well as the United States Department of Homeland Security. One of their recent missions focused on providing maintenance and repair to The legendary US Battleship, USS Texas BB-35.

During their training mission the divers trained to recover a 6,000 lb bag along with a navigational buoy from the sea floor. They performed this mission in freezing waters with temperatures ranging down to 37′ F. This specialized and elite unit lives up to the motto of The Texas State Guard, ‘Equal To The Task’.

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Texas State Guard service members who serve on the dive team recently conducted PSD recovery training. At 7:30am and 37-degree temperatures, the divers trained to recover a 6000lb lift bag and a navigational buoy that had been illegally set up with branches to create a fish attractant causing the buoy to become submerged just below the surface. Texas State Guard divers are always training. They are prepared and ready when called upon. Well done!












Source: Texas State Guard

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