Texas State Guard Starts Christmas Toy Drive for Children in Need

Each year The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) holds a statewide toy drive to collect toys for children in need. Since 2009, The Young Heroes of the Guard Toy Drive, has donated over half a million toys to children in schools, hospitals, daycares, & shelters throughout Texas. Last year they achieved an astonishing 70,000 toys donated. As they begin collecting for this years Holiday they hope to surpass this goal and bring more smiles to children throughout Texas.

2nd. LT. Marco Hernandez and Sgt. David Schmid, 6th Brigade, Texas State Guard are two of many service members across the great State of Texas collecting toys for children in need as the Texas State Guard Toy Drive gets kicked off this Christmas season.












Texas State Guard service members are collecting toys all over the state of Texas for children in need once again this year. These photos are from the 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard service members in the Houston area. Please help our Texas children in need this year and donate toys at any of Texas State Guard locations near year. Five Below is a location spot in many areas…or contact a local Guardsman that you know. Every toy counts.












Source: Texas State Guard

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