Ohio’s 4th Civil Support Brigade Trains To Be Always Ready

During their November monthly drill, The Ohio Military Reserve’s 4th Civil Support Brigade recently trained in a multitude of skills. They performed a field exercise that simulated a mass casualty event where Soldiers were responsible for medically triaging and evacuating casualties. Medics and Doctors evaluated each soldiers performance and provided corrections.

Along with a mass casualty event soldiers also trained in self-defense techniques. This new training is a new addition to The Ohio Military Reserve’s training cirricullum following the completion of Operation Sentinel. Operation Sentinel was a mission where State Defense Force troops assisted The Cuyahoga County Jail staff after a significant portion became infected with Covid-19.

Finally the troops trained in the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehichles), such vehicles have become extremely useful in the aftermath of natural disasters to find casualties and ascertain the damage following the event.

A-1-4 hosted the other Roughneck Companies for a simulated mass casualty planning event during November Assembly.


CSM Broughton addresses the soldiers during Rotation 1 morning Formation







Two soldiers assess an injured patient as 1SG Everett Assesses them.






SSG Pollick uses her civilian emergency services experience to add realism as a mock patient who has been injured by shrapnel.






Medical & 1st Responder Triage






Corrections and Rehabilitation Use of Force






UAS Capability






Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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