New Class Of Recruits Graduate NYG Basic Training

The New York Guard (State Defense Force) recently welcomed a new group of soldiers to their ranks. After finishing their weeklong Initial Entry Training (Basic Training) at The New York State Military Training Site, Camp Smith, twenty one new soldiers will now rejoin their home units and stand ready to serve The State of New York.

Every State Defense Force, including the New York Guard, require all new soldiers who never served in The US Military to pass and complete Initial Entry Training (IET). The training is composed of Basic Soldiering Skills and is designed to reflect the basic training conditions of the United States Military. The Recruits learn the core fundamentals of how the military operates from Chain of Command, Physical Training to Drill & Ceremony, so when called to duty they can work side by side with National Guard soldiers.

Throughout the week of Spring 2023 Initial Entry Training (IET), students completed a wide variety of physical training at Camp Smith Training Site.
Before even sunrise, students started exercising and completing the Guard Readiness Test (GRT). With the completion of the GRT, students demonstrate their physical readiness to be activated for State Active Duty to help their fellow New Yorkers.
Furthermore, the students conducted drill and ceremony training throughout the day. This training helped familiarize new students with military activities such as formations and marching while instilling discipline and a sense of class pride.
If you are interested in receiving an exciting training experience to help serve New York, find out more at www.nyginfo.com.
To be contacted by a recruiter, fill out the form here: https://dmna.ny.gov/nyg/request/.





The training also involved a wealth of physical training. Such training is required in State Defense Forces to ensure the soldiers can perform the same tasks as National Guard soldiers:




Here are photos from the graduation:

Congratulations to IET Class 2023-01 on their graduation from Spring Initial Entry Training! Twenty one soldiers completed the training with PV2 Scott Gandasegui being the distinguished graduate. As graduates of IET, and with the completion of the Guard Readiness Test (GRT), these new soldiers can be mobilized for State Active Duty.

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