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Major Legislative Updates For Texas State Guard, Oregon Defense Force & SC State Guard

We updated the legislative sections for The Oregon Defense Force, South Carolina State Guard & Texas State Guard. Many bills were added, be sure to check them out and see the latest happenings within The State Defense Forces.

A bill currently held for a hearing on April 20th will allow The Adjutant General to utilize a Judge Advocate General Assistant from The Oregon Defense Force. At this moment The Oregon Defense Force is not active however if the force is again stood up this legislation will apply to the organization.

Click Here For Oregon Legislative Section

The South Carolina State Guard is addressed in legislation that includes the organized and unorganized militia. The Organized Militia is composed of The South Carolina Army National Guard, Air National Guard, and State Guard.

Click Here for South Carolina Legislative Section

Lastly The Texas State Guard has a large amount of resolutions & bills that have been added to the legislative calendar. Included are resolutions congratulating Sergeant Major Timothy C. Cummings & Command Sergeant Major Jose Lopez for their many years of service to Texas. The bill includes legislation regarding Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program, the uniform and insignia fund of The Texas State Guard, the retirement criteria of Texas State Guard members, funds relating to recruiting & retention, as well as The Texas State Guards inclusion in a Veterans programs, among many others. To learn about all the current bills visit our Texas Legislative section:

Click Here for Texas Legislative Section


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