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Legislative Updates For Louisiana, Maryland and Michigan Defense Forces

We added and updated a number of legislative bills for The Louisiana State Guard, Maryland Defense Force and Michigan Defense Force.

We created a new page under our Legislative & Benefits section, this one for The Louisiana State Guard (State Defense Force). The bill directs The Adjutant General of Louisiana (Senior National Guard General of The State) to investigate if the current procedures of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) results in nonunanimous verdicts during court martial trials. Both National Guard & State Guard officers & soldiers are subject to Louisiana’s UCMJ laws and regulations.

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We added two new bills for The Maryland Defense Force. One bill that prohibits The Governor from ordering The National Guard or Defense Force to overseas to combat without a war declaration from The US Congress. We also updated Senate Bill 94 & 76 which relates to tax deductions soldiers can list on their returns.

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Lastly we added a bill to The Michigan Defense Force page. This bill relates to retirement pay that National Guard & Defense Force members may receive if they meet certain requirements.

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