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Big Legislative Update for New York Guard & New Bills Added for North Dakota SDF & Ohio Military Reserve

We added and updated a number of legislative bills for The New York Guard (State Defense Force), North Dakota State Defense Force and Ohio Military Reserve (State Defense Force).

This weeks legislative update was a big one for The New York Guard. We updated the following bills – Senate Bill 3464 and Senate Bill 3306. SB 3306 concerns military personnel not having to pay certain fees to corporations. SB 3464 relates to service members receiving compensation relating to a service related injury. Visit the New York Guard legislative page for their current status.

We also posted a few new bills to the legislative page. The first one Senate Bill 1201 / AB7475 provides New York Guard and other servicemembers military discounts on their Utility, Water, Cable and Telephone bills. Then we have Senate Bill 7379 which provides the Veteran status to every New York Guard and National Guard service member who served during September 11 2001. Following up on 7379, Assembly Bill 7603 / Senate Bill 6602 allow servicemembers who served during The World Trade Center recovery operations the ability to file a workers compensation claim.

Click Here To Read New York Guard Legislation

Moving onto North Dakota, we added a new bill that concerns their State Defense Force. Currently their State Defense Force is deactivated but if / when activated the following bill would apply to the force. House Bill 1339 allows The National Guard, State Defense Force, and other State Defense Forces (those deployed to North Dakota during a disaster recovery mission) the authority to carry a firearm in a vehicle to and from duty.

Click Here To Read The North Dakota Legislation

Lastly we added a new bill for The Ohio Military Reserve. We updated Senate Bill 994 and added House Bill 2574 which allows The Attorney General to file civil action against paramilitary groups. The legislation prohibits members of The US Military, National Guard or State Defense Force from filing a civil lawsuit for injuries sustained during any missions involving civil disorder.

Click Here To Read The Ohio Legislation

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