Texas State Guard Demonstrates Disaster Response Capabilities through POD Exercise

During a training exercise at the Texas Army National Guard Armory in El Campo, Texas, on June 10, 2023, the Guardsmen of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard (State Defense Force), demonstrated their commitment to community service by operating a water distribution site open to the local residents. In preparation for the upcoming hurricane season and to provide a realistic training opportunity, the troops distributed more than 6,000 bottles of water that were generously donated by the local H-E-B. This act of kindness not only ensured that the community was better equipped for potential emergencies but also allowed the Guardsmen to enhance their disaster response skills.

The water distribution site, set up as a type III Point of Distribution (POD), showcased the Texas State Guard’s capability to efficiently serve the needs of the community during challenging times. With the capacity to accommodate over 1,600 families or approximately 5,000 individuals per day, the Guardsmen provided a crucial lifeline to those in need. The collaboration with the Knights of Columbus, who graciously offered their parking lot for the operation, exemplified the importance of strong partnerships between the military and local organizations when it comes to disaster relief efforts.

The success of this endeavor was further bolstered by the efforts of Russell Hill from KULP 106.7 FM & 1390 AM, who played a vital role in spreading awareness about the water distribution site to the community. His contribution in disseminating information to the public demonstrated the power of effective communication in mobilizing support during emergencies. The Guardsmen, community partners, and Russell Hill’s collaboration exemplified the spirit of unity and resilience in the face of potential natural disasters and emergencies. Their dedication and coordination underscored the Texas State Guard’s commitment to serving and protecting the local community, making the training exercise a resounding success for all involved.

Guardsmen of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, operate a water distribution site open to the local community during a training exercise at Texas Army National Guard Amory in El Campo, Texas, June 10, 2023. Troops handed out more than 6000 bottles of water donated by the local H-E-B to help prepare for hurricane season and provide a realistic training opportunity. Guardsmen set up a type III Point of Distribution (POD) which can accommodate more than 1,600 families, or approximately 5,000 individuals per day. A special thanks to the Knights of Columbus next door for the use of their parking lot. We value community partners who are ready to assist during times of natural disasters and other emergencies. Thanks also to Russell Hill, KULP 106.7 FM & 1390 AM The Texas Legend, for helping get the word out to the community. Well done all! (Texas State Guard photos by Warrant Officer 1 Gregory Illich)
























Source: Texas State Guard

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