Task Force Rattlesnake Strengthens Its Forces with a Surge of New Soldiers Ahead of Wildfire Season

In order to bolster their firefighting capabilities, Task Force Rattlesnake has been conducting training sessions for a fresh class of wildland firefighters. This new group consists of more than 120 soldiers and airmen of the California Army National Guard, Air National Guard and State Guard (State Defense Force).

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Matthew Bragg of The California Army National Guard has been actively involved in overseeing the training process. In his role, he has emphasized the importance of acquiring the necessary skills and abilities to become a Class 1 wildland firefighter. These firefighters are highly trained professionals who specialize in combating wildfires in challenging environments.

The training provided by Task Force Rattlesnake and SFC Matthew Bragg focuses on equipping the service members with the knowledge and expertise required to effectively battle wildfires. The training program includes a combination of theoretical instruction and practical exercises, aimed at developing essential firefighting skills such as fire suppression, fire behavior analysis, and incident management.

Through their participation in Task Force Rattlesnake, the California State Guard, alongside the California National Guard, are actively contributing to wildfire prevention and containment efforts throughout the state. Their dedication and preparedness demonstrate a commitment to protecting lives, property, and the natural environment from the devastating impact of wildfires.

Here is a video of their training in action:



Video by Master Sgt. David Loeffler 

California National Guard Primary   

The California National Guard’s Task Force Rattlesnake prepares for the upcoming fire season by training the newest group of wild land fire fighters. The newest group of service members contains over 120 soldiers, airmen and California State Guardsmen from the California Military Department. Sgt.1st Class Matthew Bragg, a Northern Region Liaison with Task Force Rattlesnake discusses the training, skills and abilities needed to become a Class 1 wild land firefighter. Video by David J. Loeffler – California National Guard

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