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Texas State Guard Takes Center Stage on KCYP 97.7 FM: Serving Communities during Natural Disasters

Sergeant Sanchez and Sergeant Cantù, two dedicated Non-Commissioned Officers from the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) 3rd Brigade, recently appeared on KCYP 97.7 FM LP “The City” radio show to shed light on the essential role of the Texas State Guard. During their engaging discussion, they highlighted the organization’s remarkable efforts in responding to statewide emergencies, particularly natural disasters.

The sergeants emphasized how the Texas State Guard plays a pivotal role in such situations, providing crucial assistance and support to affected communities. They also delved into the Texas State Guard’s involvement in medical programs like Operation Border Health Preparedness, which aims to offer comprehensive healthcare services, including physical exams, dental work, and eye care, free of charge to fellow Texans in need.

Throughout the program, both Sergeants shared their personal experiences, explaining how serving in the Texas State Guard has greatly impacted their lives. Sergeant Sanchez shared a particularly inspiring story, recounting how he found a fulfilling way to continue his service in the military, even after aging out of eligibility for the U.S. Army. The Texas State Guard provided him with a unique opportunity to serve his state and make a difference.

Furthermore, the Sergeants touched upon the numerous benefits of joining the Texas State Guard. They highlighted the organization’s commitment to education by offering tuition assistance for colleges and additional scholarships to its members. This aspect underscored the Texas State Guard’s dedication to supporting personal growth and development among its ranks.

Recognizing the concerns of mothers regarding their children’s involvement in military service, the sergeants addressed this issue with compassion and reassurance. They emphasized that the Texas State Guard does not deploy overseas but remains stationed within the state, ensuring that the safety and well-being of Texans are the primary focus.

Overall, Sergeant Sanchez and Sergeant Cantù’s appearance on KCYP 97.7 FM LP “The City” radio show provided invaluable insights into the vital role of the Texas State Guard in responding to emergencies and supporting local communities. Their discussion shed light on the organization’s commitment to healthcare, education, and ensuring the well-being of its members, all while serving the great state of Texas.

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Source: KCYP 97.7 FM

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