Ohio Military Reserve & Civilian Authorities Collaborate in Communications Exercise to Enhance Emergency Response Capabilities

The Ohio Military Reserve (OHMR), a State Defense Force, recently conducted a communications exercise to test their ability to establish emergency communications during times of crisis. In collaboration with civilian authorities and various agencies, the exercise simulated a disaster scenario where traditional electronic communication systems such as cell phones and the internet were disabled. To overcome this challenge, the participants relied on shortwave radio as a means of command and control. This exercise highlights the crucial role of the OHMR and other State Defense Forces in providing emergency communications support when the existing communication infrastructure fails.

In such situations, amateur radio operators play a vital role in enabling effective communication. Their expertise and experience in operating shortwave radios make them valuable assets in the military. By utilizing their skills, the OHMR and other State Defense Forces can establish reliable communication networks, ensuring that essential information can be relayed between different agencies and organizations during emergencies. This exercise underscores the importance of maintaining alternative communication methods to ensure effective coordination and response efforts when traditional communication systems are compromised.

OHMR’s CW1 Curtin participated in a communications exercise with civilian authority, testing the ability to communicate in times of emergency. The simulated disaster combined several agencies civil & military in an exercise that used short wave radio to provide command and control with all other electronic forms of communication severed. Amateur radio operators can live a valued military career.

Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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