Texas State Guard Continues To Partner with Chilean Military in Operation Border Health Preparedness

Operation Border Health Preparedness (OBHP) is an annual mission led by the Texas Department of State Health Services in partnership with the Texas State Guard’s medical units, local health departments, universities, human service organizations, and out-of-state health agencies. The mission also sees the significant involvement of the Chilean Military, which continues to uphold a long-standing alliance with the Texas Military Department. The objective of OBHP is to carry out large-scale emergency preparedness exercises that simultaneously cater to the healthcare needs of thousands of Texas residents.

The mission of OBHP is twofold: providing training for disaster response and recovery, and delivering medical services to underserved communities. The medical units of the Texas State Guard work together with the support staff to offer comprehensive health services at five locations, one of which is Louis J. Christen Middle School in Laredo, Texas. The services offered include medical screenings, immunizations, hearing and vision exams, and dental services. These exercises provide practical, real-time training for medical professionals while also benefiting the local communities.

The participation of the Chilean Military in OBHP adds a dimension of international collaboration and knowledge exchange. By observing and engaging in these emergency preparedness exercises, the Chilean Military gathers invaluable experience and innovative ideas which they can incorporate into their own humanitarian responses back in Chile. This symbiotic partnership strengthens the emergency preparedness capacities of both the Texas and Chilean military units, resulting in a more efficient and effective response to public health crises.

The Texas Military Department welcomes back members of the Chilean Military continuing their long-standing partnership and participation in Operation Border Health Preparedness during which they observe and share ideas that they take back to their respective units to use during a humanitarian response in Chile.












Medical professionals and support staff of the Texas State Guard help provide medical services at Louis J. Christen Middle School, Laredo, Texas as one of the 5 locations for Operation Border Health Preparedness. (OBHP). Led by the Texas Department of State Health Services, OBHP is a real-time, large-scale emergency preparedness exercise that provides disaster response and recovery training while addressing the medical needs of thousands of Texas residents through medical screenings, immunizations, hearing and vision exams, and dental services.












Source: Texas State Guard

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