Preparing for Duty: Ohio Basic Training Recruits and Officer Candidates Complete Training

The Ohio Military Reserve (OHMR) recently celebrated the graduation of new recruits from their Initial Entry Training (IET – Basic Training) program, laying the foundational stones for a generation of disciplined, skilled, and committed servicemen and women. The IET program is crucial for orienting new soldiers to the OHMR, providing them with essential military instruction such as chain of command protocols, Drill & Ceremony procedures, First Aid, Land Navigation, and Military Law. Upon the completion of their Basic Training, these freshly-minted soldiers will be assigned to their respective home units, standing ready and well-prepared to serve both the State of Ohio and the nation at large.

Parallelly, a new class of leaders emerged from the Officer Candidate School (OCS), with its recent graduation ceremony showcasing individuals ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges today. The OCS not only instills its students with leadership skills necessary for military command but also ensures they receive an education that lasts a lifetime. Graduates leave the school with a unique skillset, opening doors to abundant opportunities both within the military sphere and in their civilian lives, fortifying them with the acumen and experience to navigate complex situations confidently and effectively.

Elsewhere in The Ohio Military Reserve, soldiers from the 1BN recently engaged in an operator-driver simulator exercise. This innovative training module presented participants with various challenges they might encounter during emergency situations, providing a controlled environment to hone their skills and reflexes. Such training initiatives underline the OHMR’s commitment to ensuring that their soldiers are not only well-prepared but are also able to respond effectively to any call of duty that the State of Ohio might place upon them. Through rigorous and continuous training, the OHMR reinforces its pledge to safeguard and serve the community with dedication and excellence.

New recruits recently graduated from the OHSDFTA’s IET program & OCS Class. Initial Entry Level Training is a basic course to orient new Soldiers to OHMR. OCS graduates tomorrow’s leaders today. This education lasts a lifetime, provides a unique skillset w/ abounding opportunities for Soldiers.






1BN Soldiers recently participated in an operator-driver simulator. The exercise included challenges Soldiers may encounter in emergencies. OHMR Soldiers have to be prepared to answer whatever call the State of Ohio makes.






Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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