SDF During Cold War And 911

New Article: State Defense Forces During The Cold War & 9/11

We are releasing our third original article, this one focuses on The State Defense Force missions During The Cold War & 9/11.

The article details the evolution and significance of State Defense Forces (SDFs) in the United States during the Cold War and after the 9/11 attacks. During the Cold War, SDFs underwent transformative changes in response to geopolitical shifts, evolving military doctrines, and their role in national security, transitioning from cadre forces to active players in law enforcement, emergency response, and civil defense. Legislation in the 1950s solidified their roles, especially during the National Guard’s federal mobilization. The Vietnam War era saw fluctuating interests in SDFs, primarily as contingency forces. After 9/11, with the National Guard focused overseas, SDFs’ roles expanded in domestic security and emergency responses, leading to increased advocacy and legislative support despite challenges like limited awareness and federal support restrictions. This period marked significant growth for SDFs, emphasizing their importance in homeland security and as a vital component of the nation’s overarching security strategy.

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