A Tale of Two Soldiers: US Army Son Pins Texas State Guard Father at Special Promotion Ceremony

In a heartwarming display of family and military tradition, Specialist (SPC) Clifford Owenby was honored in a special promotion ceremony on December 9, 2023. The ceremony, which took place at Fort Liberty in North Carolina, was made even more memorable as Owenby was pinned by his own son, Sergeant Wyatt Owenby, who is currently assigned to the legendary 82nd Airborne Division of The US Army. This ceremony was not just a celebration of his promotion, but also a testament to his dedication to serving fellow Texans in a meaningful and impactful way. The event was a significant moment in the Owenby family’s military legacy.

The significance of State Defense Forces, such as the Texas State Guard, cannot be overstated, especially as they offer a unique opportunity for individuals who are unable to serve in the United States Military due to age, medical disabilities, family responsibilities, or other reasons. These forces allow citizens to contribute to their state and country’s safety and security, embodying the spirit of service and dedication. Clifford Owenby’s story is a testament to the beauty of these organizations, showcasing how they not only accommodate but also greatly benefit from the diverse skills and experiences of their members. Owenby’s dual role as a technology leader in the civilian sector and a committed guardsman highlights the valuable intersection of civilian expertise and military needs, further enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of State Defense Forces in their mission to serve and protect. Additionally, Owenby’s opportunity to serve alongside his son in the military context brings a unique and personal dimension to his service, symbolizing the deep familial ties and generational commitment to national service that enriches the fabric of our military and defense communities.

In a special promotion ceremony, Spc. Clifford Owenby is pinned by his son, Sgt. Wyatt Owenby, assigned to the 11B, 2nd Brigade, Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, at Ft. Liberty in North Carolina, presented on December 9, 2023. As a Chief Technology Officer for a startup company that serves the federal community, Owenby said, “I joined the guard to serve my fellow Texans with the hope to implement low cost, high tech capabilities that I use in my day job in order to give us an edge when it comes to security.” “I love applying technology to solve operational needs and I am excited to work on improving our communications and intelligence gathering capabilities,” states Owenby. Owenby is assigned to the HQ, 1st Brigade, Texas State Guard G-3 Operations department. (Photos by Cpt. Esperanza Meza)#Duty #Honor #Texas #TXSG #texansserving #TexansServingTexas















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