Texas State Guard Commemorate the Fallen with Solemn Tribute and Resilience

A few months ago, on December 9, 2023, the Texas State Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, Boat and Dive Team, along with fellow guardsmen, participated in a touching memorial event at Lake Lavon in Collin County to honor their fallen comrades. This event, known as the Texas State Guard (TXSG) Memorial Ruck, has been an annual tradition since 2017, born out of the desire of service members to remember and honor those who have served and passed within the TXSG. Throughout the demanding 26-mile relay, which required teams of two to carry a 25-pound search and rescue pack, the dog tags of every TXSG military member who had passed were carried, symbolizing their presence and remembrance. The event featured rigorous activities including swimming, ruck marching, and boat rowing, performed in four rounds by each relay team. It aimed not only to commemorate the fallen but also to foster a spirit of camaraderie and resilience among the participants. The day concluded with a luncheon that honored the servicemen, their families, and the cherished memories of those lost, alongside a poignant rendition of the Navy’s End of Watch formation ritual, emphasizing the depth of respect and remembrance for the fallen guardsmen.

The Boat and Dive Team of the 1st Brigade plays a crucial role within the Texas State Guard, with missions that are both challenging and vital to public safety. Specializing in maritime Search & Rescue operations, the team is adept at underwater extraction of items or vehicles, as well as conducting water and floodwater rescues. Their expertise is not limited to natural disaster scenarios but extends to working closely with local law enforcement agencies, including Police and Fire Departments, to recover materials from oceanic and lake floors. The team’s unique capabilities allow them to provide essential support during emergencies, significantly contributing to the state’s response to incidents involving water. Their dedication to saving lives and recovering critical evidence underscores their indispensable contribution to both the Texas State Guard and the communities they serve, embodying the spirit of service and sacrifice that defines the Texas State Guard.

In honor of fallen Texas State Guardsmen who have passed over the years, 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, Boat and Dive Team, and other guardsmen participated in a Texas State Guard (TXSG) Memorial Ruck, remembering and honoring the service and sacrifices of all those who have served with the TXSG held at Lake Lavon, in Collin County, on December 9, 2023. Starting in 2017, the service members decided to honor those who passed as a few served with them and they wanted to ensure they were remembered. Throughout the entire 26-mile in-relay, which involved two-person teams with a 25-pound search and rescue pack, the dog tags of every military member who passed were carried. Each relay team then took part in four rounds of swimming, ruck marching, and boat rowing. The goal is to keep expanding the annual event and the names of the fallen to remember them. The event concluded with a luncheon to honor the service men, their families, and those remembered, along with a modified version of the Navy’s End of Watch formation ritual. (Photos by Cpl. John Duesing, SSgt. Brian Davidson, and Cpt. Sonya Martinez) #Duty #Honor #Texas #TXSG #texansserving #TexansServingTexas
























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