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Should State Defense Force Basic Training Be Led By National Guard Instructors?

Each State Defense Force throughout the country has an Initial Entry Training program (Basic Training) for new recruits who never served in The US Military. This Initial Entry Training (IET) equips new recruits with the core fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for military service. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including discipline, military law & regulations, physical fitness, drill and ceremony, military customs and courtesies, basic first aid, and much more. Additionally, recruits receive training in the handling and use of military equipment, map reading, and land navigation. The program also emphasizes the importance of understanding the chain of command, military law, and the armed forces’ core values, with a focus on leadership, integrity, and teamwork. Through this training, recruits are instilled with the discipline, resilience, and skills needed to function effectively and thrive within a military environment, laying the groundwork for a successful military career in their State Defense Force.

The IET program is led by State Defense Force cadre, who typically are prior service US Military service members who have the training and skills required to pass on the critical knowledge to civilians and make them into soldiers. However recently The Florida State Guard, which is not a State Defense Force but a civilian agency with a military organizational structure, held their first basic training course last year. During their course they utilized cadre instructors from The Florida National Guard. Non-Commissioned Officers from The Florida Army National Guard led these new recruits through each section of their training from learning the core values of The Army to physical training.

Our poll question this week is, do you believe State Defense Force Initial Entry Training (Basic Training) should be led by National Guard Cadre?

  • Yes, National Guard instructors would be the best choice & most qualified to transition civilians into soldiers during IET
  • A Mix, Have some State Defense Force instructors mixed in with The National Guard Instructors
  • No, it should be left as it is with State Defense Force instructors training new State Defense Force recruits

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