California State Guard Soldiers Graduate Academy and Become Non-Commissioned Officers

Soldiers of The 2022 California State Guard  recently graduated from The Non-commissioned Officer Academy. The school offers multiple courses such as The Basic Leadership Course as well as The Advanced Leadership Course. The Basic Leadership Course (BLC) takes enlisted soldiers and teaches them the leadership skills needed to become a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). The The Non-Comissioned Officer is the backbone of the military, they are responsible for the enlisted soldiers put under their command and ensure the success of mission. The school also offers The Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) which is a more advanced program designed to build upon the skills learned in BLC. ALC goes more in-depth into the role of an NCO and is the gateway for becoming a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in The California State Guard. Once completed, Graduates of The Advanced Leadership Course will be able to teach, evaluate and counsel junior NCO’s.

A few weeks ago the students also participated in a Disaster Response Exercise in order to test the skills they acquired during their leadership courses.

Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen from the California State Guard receive their graduation certificates from the Non-commissioned Officer Academy at Camp San Luis Obispo, on November 13, 2022.
Their training spanned over multiple weekends that focused on professional development, disaster response, and the role noncommissioned officers play at the basic, advanced, and senior level.
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(California State Guard Photos by SSG Zak Lara)


Source: California State Guard

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