South Carolina State Guard Gets Ready For Hurricane Season

As Hurricane Season fast approaches, the dedicated soldiers of the South Carolina State Guard are diligently preparing to safeguard their communities. Understanding the potential devastation and chaos that hurricanes can bring, these highly trained individuals are actively engaged in comprehensive readiness efforts. They recently held a large scale simulated exercise in order to hone their skills in disaster response, emergency management, and search and rescue operations.

During the training drill, each unit meticulously reviewed emergency response plans, ensuring they are up-to-date and adaptable to any scenario. The soldiers also ensured their specialized equipment and resources are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, providing vital support in evacuations and shelter management. With their unwavering commitment and preparedness, the South Carolina State Guard soldiers embody resilience and serve as a crucial pillar of protection for their communities during hurricane season.

With hurricane season officially beginning in less than a month, the South Carolina State Guard prepares to weather the potential storm.
Saturday, 6 MAY 2023 saw elements from across the entire SCSG gather to participate in a full-on hurricane response exercise at historic Olympia Armory. While we hope that our services are not required in the coming year, the men, and women of the South Carolina State Guard stand trained and ready to respond should the need arise. We are…State Guard Strong!!!


Source: South Carolina State Guard

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