Georgia State Defense Force’s 4th Brigade Sharpens Skills with Intensive SAR Training Weekend

The Georgia State Defense Force, particularly the 4th Brigade, recently engaged in an intensive training weekend focusing on various critical skills such as Land Navigation, Patrol, Direction and Distances, Radio Communications, and Pace Counts. The soldiers honed their expertise in these areas, later applying them in a practical night Search and Rescue (SAR) mission. This session also included simulated scenarios involving actors portraying wounded individuals, which were resolved using litter carrying techniques. Renowned for having one of the best Search & Rescue teams nationwide, the Georgia State Defense Force often aids local law enforcement in locating stranded hikers or missing individuals. And their SAR operations are crucial during natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, saving countless lives by rescuing stranded individuals and ensuring their safe return.

In a collaborative effort to enhance their operational capabilities, the 4th Brigade worked alongside other pivotal organizations such as the Civil Air Patrol and the Air Evac Life team. This partnership focused on practical training for emergency medical and rescue operations, including selecting and setting up landing zones, landing zone safety, and using flight hand signals. This collaboration not only fosters leadership and community service but also strengthens their proficiency in managing complex rescue operations.

The Georgia State Defense Force remains a dynamic and crucial component of the state’s emergency response framework. Their commitment to regular and rigorous training ensures that their Search & Rescue skills remain sharp and effective. The force’s ongoing interactions with other agencies, such as the Civil Air Patrol, underscore their dedication to community involvement and continuous improvement. This synergy enhances their readiness and effectiveness in responding to emergencies, further solidifying their role as a key asset in community safety and disaster response.

Soldiers of the 4th Brigade Georgia State Defense Force spent their drill weekend training on Land Navigation, Patrol, Direction and Distances, Radio Communications, and Pace Counts. Later in the evening Soldiers embarked on a night Search and Rescue training mission. Soldiers carried simulated weapons affectionately known as “Rubber Ducks” which add to the load and teach special equipment accountability. Two actors playing the role of wounded casualties were carried out of the danger zone using litter carrying techniques.
The Georgia State Defense Force is a military branch of the Georgia Department of Defense. We are Georgia’s State Guard.
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(Photos by 1SG DREW KEARNS)

What a great weekend for GA 419! We trained with the Georgia State Defense Guard and the Air Evac Life team on how to select a landing zone, set up the landing zone, landing zone safety, windsock setup, and flight hand signals. We also received information about the civilian flight medical career requirements. Great FUN! Special thanks to all of those who made this event possible and to VMS for allowing us to use their track/field area as a landing zone. #georgiawingcap, #cadetlife #civilairpatrol

Sources: Georgia State Defense ForceCAP

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