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New Legislative Bills for California, Georgia, & Texas SDF’s

We updated the Legislative sections of California, Georgia, Texas, South Dakota, & Utah

The California State legislature has a bill in discussion that will amend the Education Code, to amend Section 4709 of the Labor Code, and to amend Section 5024 of the Vehicle Code, relating to student financial aid. The bill includes requirements for National Guard and California State Guard (State Defense Force) troops who apply for Financial Aid.

  • Assembly Bill 1746
    • Status: May be heard in committee March 3.

The Georgia Legislature introduced a bill in the legislature that would provide a income tax credit  for members of the State Defense Force in good standing; to provide for the amount of such credit.

  • House Bill 1198
    • Status: Introduced on February 3 2022 – 25% progression

The Texas State Legislature passed a bill in 2021 that provides the Texas National Guard & State Guard a ribbon for those who served in support of operations to secure the Texas’ international border.

  • Senate Bill 793
    • Status: Passed on June 16 2021 – 100% progression

South Dakota & Utah do not have active State Defense Forces however they have introduced legislation that would apply to their State Defense Force if activated:

  • South Dakota
    • House Bill 1254: Prohibit the private funding of National Guard and State Guard active-duty missions.
    • Status: 2022-02-14 – Scheduled for hearing
  • Utah
    • House Bill 360: Clarifies language of the description and usage of the Utah State Defense Force
    • Status: 2022-02-09 – LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input in Legislative Research and General Counsel
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