Texas State Guards 2nd Brigade Builds on Basic Soldier Skills

The Texas State Guards (State Defense Force) 2nd Brigade recently spent their Training Weekend developing their basic soldier skills. This included a Ruck march, outdoor survival, group movement and Physical Training (PT). The Texas State Guard ensures its troops are ready to meet their mission obligations which range from Search & Rescue missions, Shelter Operations to assisting the National Guard in Operation Lone Star & Operation Drawbridge.

Members of 4th Battalion, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, develop and sharpen basic soldier skills including outdoor survival and group movement, as well as physical training during team sports, to be mission ready, in Angleton, Texas, March 13, 2022. Troops constantly prepare to be ready for all Texas State Guard missions in times of natural disasters or other emergencies. These include search and rescue, distributing emergency supplies, operating the Emergency Tracking Network (ETN) during evacuations, general support, shelter operations, boat and dive teams, and many others. Texans Serving Texas! (Texas State Guard photos)











Source: Texas State Guard

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