TXSG 3rd Brigade Gets Tremendous Amount of Training Accomplished During Annual Training

The 3rd Brigade of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) recently completed their Annual Training (AT). During this extensive training period troops from the 3rd Brigade spent their time developing their First Aid skills, certifying in Forklift Operations, and Level II & III Security Training. The Security training included proper handcuffing procedure, using a baton, and other defensive techniques. The Texas State Guard handle all Shelter Management Operations during natural disasters and train in these capacities to ensure they are ready to meet any situation that can arise.

Last week Troops from 3rd Brigade had their Annual Training whereas part of their training they had a course on Level II, Level III security training, handcuffing, using a baton, forklift certifications, ETN awareness, living wills and power of attorneys from Jag, CPR , stop the bleed , and first aid classes . During their training they also had a visit from BG General Thomas Ball, the Chief of staff and had a promotion ceremony and awards for several troops.








































Source: Texas State Guard

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