General & Command Sergeant Major Visits Texas State Guard Troops Stationed at the Border

The Deputy General, Brigadier General Joe Cave, and Command Sergeant Major, Major Harlan Thompson, of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) recently visited troops at the border. They thanked the troops for their service and duty assisting the National Guard in Operation Lone Star. They also issued promotions and awards to the troops.

The Texas State Guard has been assisting the National Guard mission, Operation Lone Star. These State Guard troops are on full active duty, receiving pay and benefits. The Texas Military Department is looking for additional National Guard & State Guard troops for Operation Border Star and Operation Drawbridge. If you are interested and would like to apply – Click Here.

Brigadier General Joe Cave, Deputy Commanding General of the Texas State Guard, and Command Sergeant Major Harlan Thompson recently visited Camp Bravo near Del Rio, Texas. In ceremonies held at the Camp, 43 TXSG troops were promoted and recognized for their outstanding service to the state of Texas in support of Operation Lone Star
Be sure to check back throughout the week to see more photos from the visit.


Source: Texas State Guard

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