California State Guard Soldier Receives Presidential Service Award

Yesterday was a big day for Staff Sergeant Bernadette Ramirez of the California State Guard (State Defense Force). She was awarded the President Volunteer Service Award for serving nearly 1400 hours in 2021. She was then presented with the California State Guard 10 year Service Medal for her time in service.. And finally she received an Excellence in Training Award for her work in Combat Lifesaving Instruction.

The President Volunteer Service Award was created in 2003 to honor individuals whose service greatly impacted communities in the United States and has inspired those around them to volunteer and serve.

Congratulations to Staff Sergeant Ramirez from everyone at

Was surprised to be awarded 3x today. Presidents Volunteer Service award-for 1399 hours of volunteer hours in 2021, California Service Medal-for 10 years of Service to the Guard, and Excellence in Training Award-for Combat Lifesaving Instruction. My baby girl was able to witness her mama getting awarded.
























Source: Facebook Group – Presidential Service Award

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